Preventing Water Main Breaks

The best way to deal with a water main break is not having one at all! There are some measures you can take in order to reduce the likelihood of experiencing one on your property. Make sure your irrigation system is properly maintained so that it does not put undue stress on aging pipes; flush out any standing water from sprinkler heads after use; check for signs of leaks around outdoor faucets or hose bibs frequently; and ensure any trees planted near underground pipes are well-maintained so that roots don’t interfere with them over time. Taking these steps will help keep your home safe from water main breaks!   

A ruptured pipe can be an overwhelming experience but understanding what causes them and taking proper precautions can help reduce its occurrence in your home or business premises. Taking proactive steps such as inspecting irrigation systems regularly and maintaining trees near underground piping will also reduce the risk of experiencing this type of disaster down the road! With proper knowledge and maintenance you can protect yourself against unnecessary expenses caused by unforeseen plumbing emergencies like water main breaks! If you experience a water main break, make sure to call Fuller-Wente, Inc, and get the help you need!