Grease Traps

Avoid expensive shutdowns and loss of customers
with regular scheduled service!

You need a regular schedule to pump grease traps yearly, quarterly or even monthly according to the size and usage. If left unattended, grease traps can become clogged. Should the clog be neglected, it could build up and spill grease into other lines.

For restaurants, this can lead to a possible shutdown and even loss of customers. If your customers are as important to you as ours are to us, you would not want to leave your grease trap unattended. Turn to Fuller-Wente today for quality grease trap cleaning and maintenance services.

What Could be Clogging Your Grease Trap?

  • Sludge
  • Fat
  • Oil
  • Grease


We can offer you consistent service contracts so that your grease traps and systems will always be routinely maintained. You never have to worry about making an appointment. 

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If You Have a Septic Tank, Don't Flush These Things

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