Septic Systems

Is Bleach Safe to Use to Clean My Septic System?

Bleach is a commonly used household product, which you no doubt use for a variety of purposes. It's ideal for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, killing bacteria, viruses, and mold, removing stains, and even refreshing white clothes and textiles. As it's such a versatile product, you might wonder whether it's appropriate for cleaning your septic system. Caring for your septic system can be tricky, with certain rules that are important to follow if you want to avoid damage. Knowing which chemicals and cleaning products you can use is essential.

3 Things to Do When Your Septic System is Flooded

With thunderstorm season on the way, the likelihood that your septic tank will flood is rising. For that reason, it is critical to keep a watchful eye for signs of a flooded system. If you notice that drains are emptying slowly, you may have a problem.

Do not pump. Reduce water use instead

When flooding arrives, many people like to pump. However, if the ground is truly waterlogged, pumping could result in further damage to the tank.

Looking to Add an Extension to Your House? How to Know if You Need a New Septic System

If you are planning to add an extension to your home, it is important to understand your septic system and know when it could need to be replaced. Here are some tips on when it is necessary to install a new septic system/tank in your home.

Home Additions

If you are planning on adding space to your current home - more bedrooms or a larger living space in general, keep in mind how that will affect the septic system. If you think this addition will welcome more guests or residents in your home then that will affect the usage rate of your system.

How to Know When Your Septic System Is Failing: Signs, Symptoms and What to Do

Grease traps are a critical part of any food-service business. They prevent grease and other solids from entering the public sewer system, stopping them from clogging up pipes and creating costly backups. Unfortunately, however, even the best grease trap can have problems if it’s not properly maintained. Here are some of the most common issues that business owners should be aware of.

If You Have a Septic Tank, Don't Flush These Things

One of the main issues concerning septic tanks is that many homeowners flush down their toilets or fail to advise other household members not to flush. Either through lack of awareness or ignorance, flushing items down your toilet tank that your septic tank can not handle can cause major damage to your property.