The Most Common Grease Trap Issues Business Owners Should Know About

Grease traps are a critical part of any food-service business. They prevent grease and other solids from entering the public sewer system, stopping them from clogging up pipes and creating costly backups. Unfortunately, however, even the best grease trap can have problems if it’s not properly maintained. Here are some of the most common issues that business owners should be aware of.

Odor Problems

One of the most common grease trap issues is odors caused by anaerobic bacteria breaking down fats, oils, and greases in the tank. This smell can quickly become unpleasant and make it difficult for customers to enjoy their meal in your restaurant or cafe. If you’re having odor problems with your grease trap, it’s important to contact a professional right away as this could be an indication that something else is wrong with your tank. The team at Fuller-Wente, Inc has years of experience repairing and maintaining grease traps. Contact us today for help with all your needs. 

Clogged Lines

Another common issue with grease traps is clogged lines due to blockages caused by built-up fats, oils, and greases (FOG). FOG build-up can lead to slow drains and cause wastewater to back up into sinks or other fixtures connected to the tank. If you notice that water isn’t draining properly in your business, it could indicate a problem with your grease trap lines or FOG build-up in the tank itself.

Overflowing Traps

Overflowing traps are also a common issue for many businesses because they often become filled beyond capacity when not regularly serviced. This will cause wastewater to overflow into sinks or other fixtures connected to the tank which can create a messy situation for everyone involved. It’s important to keep an eye on your grease trap levels so that you can take action before it becomes a bigger problem.

Grease traps are essential components of any food-service business but they require regular maintenance in order to function properly. Odor problems, clogged lines, and overflowing traps are just some of the issues that business owners should be aware of when it comes to their grease traps. Fortunately, the team at Fuller-Wente, Inc can help identify any potential problems and recommend solutions so that your business can stay up and running smoothly! Call us today!